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The campaign to dual the A47

The A47 – Investing in East to West success

The A47 Alliance is a group of organisations that campaign for Government to invest money into A47 improvements from Peterborough to Lowestoft with an ultimate ambition of full dualling and appropriate grade separation.

Our current ask of government includes:

  • Bus driving on road

    Acle Straight dualling


    Photo credit: Zak Nelson/First Bus

  • Aerial view of A47

    Tilney to East Winch dualling


  • Car driving away from roundabout

    Peterborough to the Walton Highway dualling


    Photo credit: National Highways

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Support us

The A47 Alliance needs your support to make the case for investment in the road. 

How to support us

Our priorities

We have 3 top dualling priorities


Acle Straight dualling

Would involve dualling the A47 between Acle Roundabout, Acle, to Vauxhall Roundabout, Great Yarmouth.

Tilney to East Winch dualling

Would involve dualling the A47 from Shoreboat Roundabout, east of Tilney High End, to Pullover Roundabout, west of King’s Lynn, and from Constitution Hill Roundabout, east of King’s Lynn, to East Winch

Peterborough to Wisbech dualling

Would involve dualling the A47 from the A16/A47 Roundabout, north of Peterborough, to Thorney Bypass and from New Cut Roundabout (B1167/A47), east of Thorney, to the A47/Lynn Road Roundabout, south of Walton Highway.

Learn more about our priorities
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    Why does the A47 need dualling?

    Find out why getting the A47 fully dualled is vital to the growth of the East of England economy.

    Benefits of dualling the A47
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    Our campaigns

    Find out more about our current and past campaigns to dual the A47 and how you can help.

    About our campaigns