Current Priorities

The A47 Alliance agreed on the below priorities for Roads Investment Strategy 2 (2020- 2025), we believe that these 7 improvement schemes will improve connectivity along with A47. Despite these schemes not receiving funding as part of RIS2, they remain the priorities of the Alliance.

Current Priorities for the A47 Alliance



Indicative Cost


Acle Straight Dualling



Tilney to East Winch Dualling 



Peterborough to the Walton Highway


NC A47 Map RIS2 with labels v.2 titleA47 Alliance's priority dualling schemes

A47 Dualling Acle Straight 

The dualling of the Acle Straight has been an ambition in the east for a long time. This route is a key link for Great Yarmouth to Norwich, the midlands and north. Dualling this stretch of the A47 has a high benefit to cost ratio and will bring about a multitude of benefits such as journey time savings and improved safety. Dualling will also help support the growing population in Great Yarmouth and Waveny boroughs which is expected to be a growth of 18,000 people between 2011 and 2031. Dualling will also support many jobs and investment in the east, with the Great Yarmouth coastline being home to various, nationally significant wind energy sites which help power the nation.

A47 Dualling Tilney to East Winch

Dualling of the A47 between Tilney and East Winch is highly important for both safety and growth in the area. Dualling would prevent up to 31 fatal and 205 serious casualties over the life of the scheme, reiterating just how much of a difference dualling can make and how important it is. The single carriageway area between Tilney and East Winch is also allocated a large amount of growth. The borough as a whole is planned to deliver 16,500 new homes between 2001 and 2026. Some of this growth is located close to this stretch of the A47 such as West Winch which is allocated 1,600 dwellings. Dualling will increase the capacity of the route which will help the network cope with growth. Employment growth in the area could exacerbate issues being experienced on the A47 between Tilney and East Winch. From 2020, the new Nar Ouse Business Park will create 2,000+ jobs which is located north of the A47. This part of the A47 also plays an important role with regards to trade. The King’s Lynn Port imports one million tonnes of goods per year. Dualling this section of the A47 will help in improving access and journey times to and from the port.

A47 Dualling Peterborough to Walton Highway

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority has developed the Strategic Outline Business Case and Options Assessment Report for dualling the A47 between the A16 Peterborough and the Walton Highway, West Norfolk. The A47 is classed as a Strategic Road providing a crucial East – West link between A1 and the east coast ports, connecting many communities along the corridor. Despite the importance of the A47, it is of inconsistent standard, comprising a mixture of dual, old, and modern single carriageway design. The route offers slow, inconsistent journey times, and reaching capacity in parts.

In contrast to Greater Cambridge, Fenland is an area of economic deprivation with few transport links. Upgrading the existing single carriageway sections to dual between Peterborough and the Walton Highway would enable vital connectivity to the north of the Combined Authority area. Enhancing the route and stimulating economic growth in the north of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Region. Notably in housing, education, employment, and the agri-tech economy.

It will also complement other transport and infrastructure priorities such as Wisbech Rail and the development of a new Garden Town at Wisbech. 

Longer Term Priorities



Norfolk / Suffolk Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth Dualling
Norfolk Dereham to Swaffham Dualling

East Winch to Swaffham Dualling

Entire Route Full Grade Separation

Why does the A47 need dualling?

The A47 is a very important road: it carries traffic across East Anglia from the Midlands and the north of England, catering for residents, visitors and businesses alike. It is also part of National Highways’ network that has not received significant investment in the past to bring it up to standard, meaning that today it is not fit for purpose.

Improvements here would help unlock potential across a large area, bringing forward much-needed new housing and new jobs. Don’t just take our word for it: we asked businesses across the region for their views what a fully dualled A47 could do for them.

  • 95%said it would reduce inefficiencies and delays travelling
  • 90% said it would attract more customers
  • 88% said it would allow them to invest with confidence

Beyond that, we know that dualling three key areas of the A47 – dualling Peterborough to Wisbech, the Acle Straight and Tilney to East Winch, the A47 Alliance’s agreed priority projects – would:

  • Unlock 125,000 houses and 75,000 jobs
  • Create £330m+ uplift in gross value added from new employment
  • Generate over £200m of benefits from enhanced productivity
  • And Reduce additional costs to businesses due to delays, estimated at £27m for haulage companies