Future Campaigns

Future campaigns

 The A47 Alliance's main focus is now lobbying for inclusion of A47 improvements and dualling in RIS3 which funds projects for completion between 2025 and 2030. This will involve campaigning for the three improvement schemes prioritised by the Alliance:

  • The Acle Straight in Norfolk
  • Tilney to East Winch in Norfolk
  • Peterborough to Walton Highway in Cambridgeshire

We also feel there is an opportunity to campaign for schemes ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review which we estimate will be in November 2021. We see there are two windows of opportunity to campaign between now (November 2020) and the spending review. These are:

  • January to March 2021
  • After the May 2021 local elections until the 2021 spending review around November

We are in the early stages of organising this campaign so expect to see further activities soon of the Alliance to lobby for these vital improvements to the A47 route.