Timeline of activity

The A47 is part of the Trans-European Network designated by Government as a trunk road.  However, the poor quality and unreliability of parts of the route means it does not function as the 'gateway to growth' it should be.

In 2014 Highways England received £300m of investment for improvements to the A47.  You can find details about our funded projects here. Please see here for more information about our past, current and future campaigns. 

In March 2017 the A47 Alliance agreed its priorities for the period 2020- 2025. You can find details here.

Timeline of progress

23rd October 2020 - A47 Alliance Meeting

A successful A47 Alliance Meeting attended over Microsoft Teams by many MPs. A link to the agenda is available here and the minutes will be uploaded once they have been agreed.

October 2020 - Following RIS2 announcement 

The A47 Alliance will be in contact with the Department for Transport to understand the negative RIS2 announcement and work with them to understand the infrastructure needed to future proof the A47 for 30-40 years' time. 

October 2020 - MP George Freeman meets with Minister 

MP George Freeman meets with Minister to restore the A47 plan.

September 2020 - Minister's letter to MP Brandon Lewis

Baroness Vere, a Minister for the Department for Transport, sent a letter to MP Brandon Lewis stating that although dualling would not take place in the next 10 years, the proposal has not been ruled out for funding between 2025 to 2030.

September 2020 - NCC and WSP Vauxhall Roundabout Study

It was agreed with Highways England that NCC and WSP would carry out the early optioneering stages for the RIS1 Great Yarmouth scheme.

March 2020 - RIS 2 announcement 

In March 2020 the announcement on RIS2 funded schemes was made. Unfortunately, the A47 Alliance’s RIS2 priorities were not included as part of this, nor the RIS3 Pipeline. The announcement did however outline that the delayed RIS1 schemes would now be carried out during the RIS2 period.

March 2020 - MPs met with Chancellor

Norfolk MPs met with Chancellor Rishi Sunak to work together in arguing for investment in Norfolk infrastructure and the dualling of the A47.

February 2020 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The A47 Alliance met on Friday 28th February at Norfolk County Hall. At the meeting, Highways England provided an update on the progress of the RIS1 projects and the Alliance discussed possible plans of action ahead of the Budget announcement expected in March. 

January 2020 - MPs from Eastern Region join to call for A47 improvements

All eight Conservative MPs from Norfolk as well as MPs from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire have come together to call on government to commit more money to the vital improvements of the A47. 

January 2020 - The Office of Rail and Road called upon

In January 2020, Norfolk County Council called on traffic regulator the Office of Rail and Road to hold Highways England to account on the slow progress of work on the A47. 

January 2020 - MP represents the A47 in the House of Commons

James Wild MP made the case for investment in the A47 in the House of Commons in January. Sajid David, Chancellor of the Exchequer, responded positively to this and stated that Norfolk will benefit from the governments infrastructure revolution. 

December 2019 - Norfolk County Council Leader Andrew Proctor sends letter to Prime Minister

Following the General Election, Cllr Andrew Proctor sent another letter to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, briefing him on the A47. The letter highlights that infrastructure investment will unlock the potential for the East to become an economic leader and that dualling the A47 will help to form an 'Eastern Powerhouse'. 

December 2019 - A47 Alliance send letter to the Secretary of State for Transport

After the December General Election in 2019, the A47 Alliance sent a letter to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport. The letter introduced the A47 Alliance, our aims and objectives and the benefits that dualling the road would bring. The letter also called for the continued support for the campaign from the Secretary of State.

July 2019 - Norfolk County Council Leader Andrew Proctor sends letter to Prime Minister

In July 2019 Cllr Andrew Proctor sent a letter to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for investment in Norfolk including the dualling of the A47. The letter highlighted the benefits that this investment would bring. 

June 2019- A47 Alliance Parliamentary Reception

On Tuesday 25th June the A47 Alliance held a Parliamentary Reception in Westminster hosted by Brandon Lewis MP. The event was attended by over 70 people including business representatives, the Local Enterprise Partnership, Chambers of Commerce, local authorities and MPs. The JustDualIt postcards and other evidence was presented to Michael Ellis MP Minister of State for Transport. An announcement on the funding allocations for the Roads Investment Strategy 2 is expected in Autumn 2019. 

June 2019 - A47 Alliance Steering Group meeting

The A47 Alliance held a meeting in Norwich on Friday 21st June. The A47 Alliance voiced their concerns with Highways England on the lack of progress with a number of the funded A47 schemes.

February 2019 - A47 Alliance Steering Group meeting

The A47 Alliance held a meeting on Friday 15th February, in King's Lynn. The A47 Alliance welcomed new membership from the Federation of Small Businesses and the Road Haulage Association. Driving progress on currently funded A47 schemes and discussing the #JustDualIit! Campaign pushing for further funding and improvements. 

October 2018 - A47 Alliance Steering Group meeting

The A47 Alliance held a meeting in Norwich on Friday 19th October, in Peterborough. The A47 Alliance agreed to extend their priorities in Cambridgeshire to include the full distance between Peterborough and Wisbech. 

June 2018- Royal Norfolk Show 

The A47 Alliance attended the Royal Norfolk Show as part of the Norfolk County Council stand. Members of the public and businesses came to show their support and signed postcards supporting the campaign.

May 2018- A47 Alliance Steering Group meeting

The A47 Alliance held a meeting in Norwich on Friday 11th May. George Freeman MP, Richard Bacon MP and Mayor James Palmer were all in attendance and stated their on going support for the A47 Alliance and the 'Just Dual It' campaign. The Alliance is now looking to push the case for its current priorities and is planning a delegation down to Westminster to see the Roads Minister.

March 2018- 'Just Dual It' campaign and Roads Minister Visit

The EDP have launched the 'Just Dual It' campaign providing their full backing to the dualling of the A47. In a meeting organised by the A47 Alliance in King's Lynn, councillors, business leaders, LEPs, Chambers and MPs posed questions to Mr Jesse Norman (Transport Minister). The EDP- backed Alliance is calling on the government to dual the entire 115-mile stretch from Peterborough to Lowestoft, to bring economic growth to the region as well as make our roads safer. George Freeman, Mid Norfolk MP said ' it was a cross- party campaign which is being backed by all 3 counties and 15 MPs and will be led by the community.

February 2018- Call for Cross- Party, Cross- County support to dual the A47

The A47 Alliance attended the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce MP conference on Friday 2nd February. There was strong support for improvements to infrastructure with George Freeman MP calling for cross-party, cross-county support to push for the full dualling of the A47.

October/ November 2017- A47 Alliance Business Breakfasts

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Breakfast on Friday 27th October and Norfolk Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Breakfast on Thursday 9th November. Cllr Martin Wilby (Chairperson of the A47 Alliance) and David Cumming (Norfolk County Council) spoke at both events explaining what the A47 Alliance's goal is and how businesses can show their support for the full dualling of the A47. Councillor John Holdich (Leader of Peterborough City Council and member of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority) attended the Cambridgeshire Breakfast and confirmed that the A47 was very important to Cambridgeshire and the Combined Authority. David Powles (Editor of the EDP) and Nova Fairbank (Norfolk Chamber of Commerce) attended the Norfolk Breakfast and both stated the A47's importance and reiterated that they both fully support the A47 Alliance and want to see full dualling of the A47.

October 2017 - Timeline of scheme construction

Highways England have announced the timeline for the Roads Investment Strategy: 2015-2020. Highlighting that the Great Yarmouth junction improvements will be completed earlier than planned. And that the Acle Straight improvements are complete. The other schemes timelines are highlighted in this press release

August 2017- Preferred route announcement

Highways England announced their preferred route options for Wansford to Sutton, Thickthorn roundabout, Guyhirn junction, Blofield to North Burlingham, Easton to Tuddenham and Great Yarmouth junction improvements. These can be found at  https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/consultation_finder/?keyword=a47

July/ August 2017- Highways England Roadshows

Highways England held a number of roadshows along the A47 at Wansford, Peterborough, Guyhirn, Dereham, King's Lynn, Attleborough, Great Yarmouth, Hopton and Lowestoft to discuss maintenance and future plans for the A47. 

June 2017 - Junction 18 removed from A47 priorities

Junction 18 has been removed from our priorities due to improvements to the junction being funded by Peterborough City Council, click here for more information

March 2017- Highways England are now consulting on RIS 1 schemes

Highways England have published the dates for their consultation events. The dates and further information can be found at Highways England consultations.
The events are looking at the following schemes:

March 2017 - A12 renumbered as the A47

Highways England have completed works to renumber the A12 between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth as the A47.

March 2017 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

  • Listed below are the A47 Alliance's agreed priorities for RIS2 (Roads Investment Strategy 2) for 2020-2025.
    • Dualling Acle Straight to Great Yarmouth

    • Dualling Tilney to East Winch (including Hardwick flyover dualling) in King’s Lynn

    • Dualling Guyhirn to Wisbech,

    • Junction improvements at:

      • A1101 Elm High Roundabout and B198 East and West in Wisbech

      • Eye Roundabout

      • Junction 15 in Peterborough.

  • After 2½ years of directed leadership, Cllr Roger Foulger stepped down as chair. His work has supported the success of the A47 Alliance.
  • Cllr Martin Wilby was appointed as the new Chair and Cllr Graham Plant was appointed the new Vice-Chair of the A47 Alliance.
  • Tom Carpen represented the Planning Inspectorate, he delivered an informative presentation on the processes of planning applications. Highlighting the processes Highways England will have to follow to secure permission to improve the A47.
  • Highways England updated the group on the progress of the RIS1 schemes.

December 2016 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

  • The A47 Alliance met in Norwich to discuss priorities and the next steps for the A47 Alliance.
  • Highways England presented on the process of the RIS1 schemes, informing the group that the A12 renumbering and the Acle Straight safety improvement scheme would be commencing in 2017.

July 2016 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The A47 Alliance met in Peterborough to start planning activities to influence decisions on the trunk road programme from 2020. A guest speaker attended from Transport Focus and Highways England discussed progress on currently funded schemes. 

July 2016 - Highways England call for evidence

In preparation for Roads Investment Strategy (RIS) 2 Highways England launched a call for evidence. Members of the A47 Alliance submitted evidence highlighting issues and problems on the A47 in their areas. The call for evidence closed at the end of July.

April 2016 - Highways England traffic surveys

Highways England started conducting traffic surveys along the A12 junctions.

Spring 2016 - Snail Relocation Trial

Highways England conducted a trial to relocate the Lesser Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail, a species which is protected by UK and European Law. Over 800 snails were relocated and will be monitored for at least 4 years, with the hope that the relocation is successful and the snails survive and breed at the new location. If this trial is successful it could open the way for the Acle Straight dualling to be agreed upon.

February 2016 - Highways England environmental investigations

Highways England started early environmental investigations along the route. These will be non-intrusive environmental surveys and will first look at wintering bird counts around the A47 Guyhirn junction.

January 2016 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The A47 Alliance met in Norwich to push forward progress on RIS1 (Roads Investment Strategy).  Highways England attended the meeting and presented to members on the progress being made on the A47 priorities. A guest speaker attended from the Office of Road and Rail.

December 2014 - Department for Transport Feasibility Study

Completion of the DfT feasibility study led to the following schemes being announced as part of the Autumn Statement 2014 for inclusion in the trunk road programme 2015-2021:

  • A47 North Tuddenham to Easton Dualling
  • A47 Blofield to North Burlingham Dualling
  • A47/A12 Great Yarmouth Junction Improvements 
  • A47 Acle Straight Safety Measures
  • A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction Improvement
  • A47 Guyhirn Junction Improvement
  • A47 Wansford to Sutton Dualling

November 2014 - £300m to upgrade A47 in Autumn Statement

The campaign to get Norfolk, Suffolk and the Fens connected moved forward with a major announcement in the Autumn statement. Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in the region to pledge more than £300m to upgrade the A47. 

The announcement sets out an investment package worth over £300m for the Road Investment Strategy 2015-2020 (RIS1).

September 2014 - Infrastructure and Economic Growth Business Breakfast

Norfolk County Council with the A47 Alliance organised a very successful businesses breakfast at OPEN Norwich for businesses in Norfolk. 

The question and answer panel were made up of Mark Pendlington Chairman of the New Anglia LEP, Dr Sally Ann Forsyth CEX Norwich Research Park, Tom McCabe Interim Director Norfolk County Council, and Jonathan Cage, representing the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.

Over 50 businesses attended, putting challenging questions about the future of growth for businesses in Norfolk to the panel.  Mark Pendlington clearly made it clear that the A47 was central to growth and Norfolk was an impressive forward looking economy! 

Dr Sally Ann Forsyth said that for too long Norfolk has in the past been seen as inward looking, but that this has changed with Norwich being the largest economy in the region. 

We now need the infrastructure to support this growth.  Tom McCabe stated that 'improvements are achievable and essential to Norfolk!'. 

July 2014 - Robert Goodwill visits A47

The A47 Alliance and local MPs met with Roads Minister Robert Goodwill who drove the length of the A47 from Lowestoft to Peterborough.

As one of the most important arterial roads in East Anglia, the A47 is in need of urgent improvements and upgrades as collisions and delays occur far too often.

The MPs invited Robert Goodwill to see the road for himself and hear about campaign to transform the road into a major national and international link. Mr Goodwill saw for himself the economic and road safety concerns that the A47 is causing.

June 2014 - Royal Norfolk Show

The A47 Alliance visited the Norfolk Show to talk to businesses about much needed improvements to the A47.  There was an opportunity to meet the Agricultural minister and discuss the importance of local access.  We also met with Clarke Willis CEX of Anglia Farmers who supports the need for better infrastrucutre. 

May 2014 - MPs debate A47 in Parliament

Roads minister Robert Goodwill was questioned on the progress of a feasibility study for the route stretching from Great Yarmouth into the Midlands, during a Westminister Hall backbench session. It comes ahead of the Autumn Statement later this year, when a decision on the route is likely to be made.  Watch the debate here: 

Watch the debate

April 2014 - East of England Route Strategy Evidence Report and Technical Annex

The Highways Agency is developing strategies for the strategic road network on a route basis.  These route strategies will identify investment needs and are key to identifying the investment plans for the step change in funding on the strategic road network.  Using the information we hold, and that our stakeholders and partners shared with us through those events, we have prepared evidence reports for the 18 routes making up the strategic road network.

April 2014 - Lowestoft A12 (A47) Wider Economic Benefits

Mott MacDonald completed a study looking at the full length of the A47, focussing on how dualling and junction improvements could lead to employment and housing development.  The rationale for undertaking this current piece of work focused on Lowestoft is to recognise the strategic linkages between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth which would be enhanced through improved connectivity along the A12 which has potential to be renamed to the A47 between the two towns.

April 2014 - A47 Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Case for Improvement - Evidence and Wider Economic Benefits

The purpose of this technical note is to develop an up to date evidence base for A47 between A1 and Wisbech including an assessment of the wider economic benefits that could be delivered through making changes and improvements to the road.

April 2014 - Region to benefit from major transport funding for A47 improvement

Up to £19 million of government funding will be invested in a new transport scheme in Norwich, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced today (3 April 2014).  The funding will help two business parks to grow, creating over 5,000 new jobs and allowing 600 new homes to be built.  The Department for Transport funding will be used to enlarge the junction on the A47 at Postwick, east of Norwich. The improved transport link will allow further development of the existing Broadland Business Park and development of the new Broadland Gate Business Park.

February 2014 - Updated A47 Business Case

The A47 Alliance have updated the business case for the A47. We are asking for £127m in the short term and a further £247m in the medium term to improve the route and help deliver growth along the corridor.  The Alliance is hoping for an announcement in this year’s Autumn Statement and will look to discuss this with HMT in the near future.  

February 2014 - A47 Alliance and MP's meet Transport Minister

The Alliance was supported by Richard Bacon MP, George Freeman MP, Keith Simpson MP, Chloe Smith MP, Elizabeth Truss MP and Simon Wright MP to present a united case to Robert Goodwill MP, Roads Minister and discuss the updated business case.  

February 2014 - Route Based Strategy and Feasibility Study

The Alliance met to discuss the updated business case and were updated on the Route Based Strategy and Feasibility Study by the Highways Agency.

Highways Agency A47 Corridor Feasibility Study Presentation  (powerpoint presentation)

A47 Alliance Board Route Based Strategy Presentation (powerpoint presentation)

January 2014 - A47 Alliance meets the Federation of Small Businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses met with representatives from the A47 Alliance to discuss ways of working together to achieve a better A47.

January 2014 - A47 Truck Road and Postwick Announcement

A47 Trunk Road and Postwick Junction Interchange Approval Announcement - The Secretary of State confirmed the Side Road Orders this morning for Postwick Hub.  This announcement gives the go ahead to our proposal to provide an improved interchange between the existing A47 trunk road at Postwick, on the eastern side of Norwich, and the existing A1042 Yarmouth Road, enabling further expansion of the adjacent business parks. Funding and planning consent for the scheme have already been secured. This is a major boost to the Norfolk economy and is one of the Alliance’s short term goals.  Well done to everyone involved in making this happen.  The A47 Alliance will continue to build on this success and lobby for further improvements to the A47.

December 2013 - MP's Summit

MPs, the A47 Alliance and the Highways Agency met at a Westminister summit to talk about the work of the Alliance in lobbying to secure funding for improvements along the route.  David Harrison, Chairman of the A47 Alliance, said it needed about £800m for a raft of projects up to the 2021 period that will deliver a significant boost to the economy.  MP's were delighted with the work of the A47 Alliance and have pledged to work together to update the business case in the New Year. 

September 2013 - Roads Minister Visit

Stephen Hammond spends an entire day on a visit to the A47. Not only does he drive the entire length of the road from Great Yarmouth to Peterborough, but he also holds a stakeholder session at the University of East Anglia. This is attended by MPs from across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, as well as other stakeholders including the A47 Alliance. The A47 Alliance’s programme – agreed at its 13 September meeting – is shared with the Minister who is very positive and says £800m (the total cost of the Alliance’s ask up to 2021) is not unrealistic.

September 2013 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The Steering Group meets for the first time outside of Norfolk and agrees on a programme of its short, medium and long-term priorities. The Alliance agrees to update its Business Case to include the programme.

September 2013 - Highways Agency Route Based Strategy Workshop

The Highways Agency holds its first workshop event on its Route Based Strategies. The A47 Alliance is represented at this workshop. The Workshop brings out the widespread concern of stakeholders about the A47.

August 2013 - Patrick McLoughlin the Transport Secretary announces feasibility study into the A47

Whilst visiting the area, the Transport Secretary announces a feasibility study into the A47, fast-tracking the Route Based Strategy to identify and bring forward solutions. Mr McLoughlin says: “The A47 is a strategically very important route. The area we are going to be looking at specifically goes from Peterborough to Great Yarmouth so it is a quite important route as far as connecting areas are concerned, and that is one of the reasons why we have looked specifically at getting the feasibility study on that.” He describes the A47 Alliance’s Business Case as “an achievable programme of targeted improvements.”

June 2013 - A47 Alliance showcases A47 Business Case at Royal Norfolk Show

June 2013 - Spending Review

Spending review outlines government’s future spending plans for strategic roads. Spending will increase from around £1bn per annum on trunk road improvements currently to £3bn by 2021. Informal discussions with the Highways Agency suggest that there is a lack of well-developed schemes across the network which might be brought forward for delivery, suggesting that there is a real opportunity to secure some of this increased funding for A47 improvements.

June 2013 - New Anglia Local Enterprise Conference votes to show their support for A47 improvements

June 2013 - European Commission confirms that the A47 remains part of the comprehensive network in TEN-T.

May 2013 - Agreement between MEPs, the European Commission and Member State representatives on revised TEN-T Regulations.

May 2013 - Government announces how it will roll-out Route Based Strategies across the trunk road network.

The programme is for Performance Issues on roads to be investigated up to spring 2014, and Indicative Solutions worked up for spring 2015. The A47 Alliance expresses its disappointment that the A47 study is not to be undertaken in advance of studies across the rest of the network, as was indicated to be likely by the Minister when he met the Alliance in December.

April 2013 - Government announces £0.7m for improvements at A1/A47 Wansford junction, Peterborough.

This is in addition to the money it previously announced in October 2012.

March 2013 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The Alliance welcomes representatives from Peterborough City Council and the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership for the first time.

February 2013 - Consultation and negotiations on TEN-T Regulations

December 2012 - Norfolk’s MPs and members from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership join forces with the A47 Alliance in a meeting with the Roads Minister Stephen Hammond.

Mr Hammond announces that the A47 should be one of the earliest route based strategies in the forthcoming programme, following completion of the three pilot strategies underway. Mr Hammond outlines that future spending programmes for trunk roads would be based on the outcomes of these strategies.

November 2012 - Launch of the A47 Business case at the Royal Norfolk Showground.

The launch is supported by Keith Simpson MP driving the Norfolk length of the A47 in his Union Jack mini.

November 2012 - EU Transport Committee debate on TEN-T Regulations

September 2012 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

The A47 Alliance considers the first draft of the Business Case.

September 2012 - European Parliament held their first discussion of the Connecting Europe Facility, the funding mechanism for the new TEN-T programme.

Vicky Ford MEP makes a good contribution asking that routes on the Comprehensive Network (such as the A47) should be eligible for grants and not just loans.

October 2012 - Government announces £170m of funding across the trunk road network as part of the Pinch Point programme.

£1.3 million secured to help alleviate congestion issues at Honingham, just west of Norwich. £0.06m secured for improvements at the A1/A47 Wansford junction, Peterborough.

September 2012 - EU Transport Committee debate on TEN-T

August 2012 - Final report on A47 Wider Economic Benefits, commissioned by the A47 Alliance, received from Mott MacDonald

July 2012 - Norfolk MPs meet the A47 Alliance in Westminster to discuss raising the campaign for road improvements with Ministers

May 2012 - A47 Alliance Steering Group Meeting

A47 Alliance agrees revised Terms of Reference setting out the group’s revised strategic focus and agrees to build its links with the business community.

May 2012 - EU Parliament Hearing on TEN-T Regulations.

The A47 Alliance provides evidence to help MEPs make the case for the revised TEN-T Regulations to support the development of routes like the A47.