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Why improve?

Why does the A47 need dualling?

The A47 is a very important road: it carries traffic, freight and public transport across East Anglia from the Midlands and the north of England, catering for residents, visitors and businesses alike.

The road is part of National Highways’ network and has missed out on significant investment in the past to bring it up to standard, meaning that today it is not fit for purpose.

53% of the A47 is single carriageway. 90% of fatal accidents on the A47 over the past five years have occurred on the single carriageway sections. The annual cost to the UK of fatal accidents on the A47 is expected to be over £25 million.

Don’t take our word for it

We asked businesses across the region with a combined turnover of £5.5 billion that employ 50,000+ staff what a fully dualled A47 could do for them:

  • 95% said it would reduce inefficiencies and delays travelling.

  • 90% said it would attract more customers.

  • 88% said it would allow them to invest with confidence.

Our three A47 dualling priorities would provide these benefits:

  • Create £330m+ uplift in GVA (gross value added) from new employment.

  • Unlock housing developments restricted by poor regional capacity, with 125,000 houses and 75,000 jobs planned along the route.

  • Further dualling is directly attributed to over £550m of land value uplift.

  • Reduce additional costs to businesses due to delays, estimated at £25m for haulage companies.

  • Generate £200m+ benefits from enhanced productivity.

  • Offers opportunities for low carbon construction methods to be used by National Highways

  • Bring about benefits of £40m in regional markets by reducing delay and congestion and increasing efficiency.

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    What are our priorities for the A47?

    Learn more about what we are asking of the Government and why we have chosen these priorities.

    Our priorities
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    Our campaigns

    Find out more about our current and past campaigns to dual the A47 and how you can help.

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