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Cllr Daniel Candon's blog post

The A47, known as the ‘Acle Straight’ to many in the Borough, serves as a vital artery for transportation, economic development, and connectivity. In recent years, the proposal to dual the A47 in Great Yarmouth has gained momentum, sparking debates and discussions among stakeholders. My blog post delves into the reasons for supporting the dualling of the A47 in Great Yarmouth, exploring its potential benefits for the local community, businesses, and the region as a whole.

1. Easing Traffic Congestion

One of the most pressing reasons to support the dualling of the A47 in Great Yarmouth is the chronic traffic congestion experienced by commuters and travellers. As the town and surrounding areas continue to grow, so does the volume of vehicles using the road. Dualling the A47 would not only increase road capacity but also alleviate traffic congestion, reducing travel times and improving overall road safety.

2. Enhancing Safety

The current A47 configuration presents safety concerns due to its single carriageway layout. With frequent overtaking and slow-moving vehicles, the risk of accidents and collisions increases. By transforming the road into a dual carriageway, the potential for head-on collisions would be significantly reduced, promoting a safer driving environment for all road users.

3. Boosting Economic Growth

Investing in transportation infrastructure can have a profound impact on local economies. The dualling of the A47 could attract new businesses to Great Yarmouth, promote tourism, and facilitate the movement of goods more efficiently. Improved road infrastructure can enhance the town's attractiveness as a destination for investment, potentially leading to job creation and economic growth.

4. Connectivity and Accessibility

Connectivity is crucial in today's interconnected world. By upgrading the A47, Great Yarmouth would become more accessible to neighbouring towns and cities, fostering economic, cultural, and social exchanges. This improved connectivity could also benefit residents by providing better access to healthcare, education, and other essential services located outside the town.

5. Environmental Considerations

While road expansion projects can sometimes raise environmental concerns, thoughtful planning can help mitigate their impact. Designing the dual carriageway with eco-friendly features, such as wildlife crossings and proper drainage systems, could balance the need for infrastructure development with environmental preservation.

6. Future-Proofing Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure for the long term is a strategic move. As the population continues to grow and technologies evolve, the capacity of the current A47 road would likely become insufficient. By dualling the A47, the town would be better prepared to handle future increases in traffic and accommodate emerging transportation trends.

The dualling of the A47 in Great Yarmouth holds the potential to revolutionise the town's infrastructure, stimulate economic growth, enhance safety, and improve the overall quality of life for its residents. While any major infrastructure project comes with challenges, careful planning, community engagement, and a focus on sustainability can help address these concerns. By supporting the dualling of the A47, Great Yarmouth positions itself for a more prosperous and connected future.


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Councillor Daniel Candon
Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Growth at Great Yarmouth Borough Council